Hello there, I’m Sammy Jenkins and I’m a Journalism graduate from the University of South Wales in Cardiff. A first-language Welsh, self-confessed music junkie, I guess I’ve always found solace in the written word; whether that being writing about the band I saw the other night, writing news pieces and scripts or writing about the everyday frustrations of being a human.

I just absolutely love to write!

Therefore when I had to decide what to study at university, I wanted to do something that was fulfilling; more importantly, something that allowed me to sit and stare at a computer screen with an iced soya vanilla latte in hand, ranting and raving about something I was passionate about. That’s where Journalism fitted in.

After spending a whole five years at university, I’ve never been more sure of what career I want to throw myself into. Being able to write myself into a coma, being able to create content that people can relate and aspire to (whether that being radio, TV, print or online!) and most importantly; earning a living from something that doesn’t even feel like a job, for me, being a journalist is a no brainer really.

Since graduating from university just a little over a year ago, I’ve experimented with a number of different journo paths; I’ve even had a go at marketing! However, these days you’ll find me editing and writing things for many publications on the internet and spending every other day at BBC Cymru Wales. Radio is my baby, writing is my escapism and hopefully someday, I’ll have a face for TV.

In this blog you’ll find snippets of my adventures as a journalist (and an adult!), my scraps and scrawls of anything I find interesting, my experiences, my moans of pretty much anything that grates me in the news or (otherwise!) and pretty much anything else I gather on my way.

My life journey has already been a crazy one, join this crazy adventure with me.